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Lawrence Lessig For Congress?

February 24, 2008

Mr. Lessig Goes to washington
This blog will usually avoid politics, but I just had to say something.

Forgive my cynicism, but isn’t this just another lawyer running for public office vowing to change DC? This is nothing new. If I had nickel for every politician that ran under that mantra in the last 100 years, I’d have a lot of er, uhm change? Crap, I screwed up that cliche. Well anyway…

The only way to change DC is unfortunately with (pick two) large sums of money, large groups of people, or large bullets and bombs, neither of which Lessig has to my knowledge.

I think his time would be better spent doing what he’s been doing all along, which is motivating as many people to respond to their elected officials as he can. He has done a hell of a job at this and should continue to grow it. This can make a gradual difference, especially if he can formulate a message that will influence more of the “Average American”.

He should model his movement after other successful lobbying groups such as the NRA.

If he introduces a successful bill that changes our laws on lobbying groups then I would gladly eat my words, but please Mr. Lessig, we need you out here fighting theses silly copyright laws.

Lets start an ad campaign, or better yet, a Reality Show. That will get the average Sam thinking seriously about the RIAA:

100 college students share files at a local university. The catch? The one with the most copyrighted songs after a month gets what the RIAA claims in damages in the subpoena letter. That ones yours Mark Burnett.

 Update! It looks like Lessig listened and dropped out!  I’m glad I could help with his reality check.  Brilliance is a gift, but common sense can come only from experience.