Hi, my name is Brian Phelps.  I got my first high dosage of electrons as a 4 year old putting my finger in an empty light socket.  Funny how I remember knowing what would happen but I felt I had to try to get the coin out I had dropped in there as an experiment.  Nowadays I work mostly with lower voltages because thats where information is processed.

This site is dedicated to tinkering with most things electronic. It will not focus on new or trendy electronic gadgets, but the hardware and algorithms that many devices use. The actual gadgets usually bore me and I typically don’t have any interest in them unless they are really useful and they can be easily “hacked” like the WRT54G.

One thing I will touch on is the intersection of hardware and software, like Linux (embedded and un-embedded), open-source software (it is easily hacked), and device drivers.

The purpose of this blog is to help me. I have found that articulating my thoughts can help me be more innovative. None of my friends do things like write linux device drivers, setup cross-compilers for embedded platforms, or play with FPGA’s and Verilog for fun, so this is where my nerdmost thoughts are expressed. I hope someone out there enjoys them. And if you do please respond.  Comments are welcome.

Thanks for stopping by.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Marcel Wolf Says:

    Brian (ElectroJunkie)
    Enjoy your blog. I found it while searching for a library problem on the openocd project. I to suffer from the “-lftd2xx’ plague. I was wondering what your final solution was with the environment var.

  2. electronjunkie Says:

    I created a chroot 32bit Debian install with the usual build suite, compiled it according to the instructions, and it will run in the chroot enviro.

    When I leave the chroot enviro I use:

    echo “LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/root/ext_usbdrive_bak/usr/lib /path/openocd” > Electronics_Datasheets/open_ocd_Load_Library_Path.sh

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